Vassilis Milionis Explains that Real Estate Stocks Still Looking for Its Momentum During the Epidemic

Vassilis Milionis explains that real estate stocks rebound during the epidemic. Investors need to be more creative to survive.

Vassilis Milionis, a professional property investor from Greek states that real estate stocks rebound. The main reason for the condition is because of the COVID recovery. Investors see a long-term economic prospect due to its recovery. People will start to think about having a new house for their beloved family. Vassilis Milionis explained, “The epidemic hits all sectors significantly. Slowly but sure we can handle the condition. It triggers people to go outside or look for something they need, including a house for sale. They can find the information online before meeting the property agency. On the other hand, property agencies offer interesting deals for their potential clients. Indeed, clients can’t refuse the offer. It is a great opportunity for them to get a better living place at an affordable price.”

The condition is not too good for the property and hospitality industries, but it is going better and better. The recent data shows that the revenue of property agencies rose. One of the property companies earns up to 28% of revenue than before. It can be because of the new remote work options. This condition increases sales of up to 2 million buyers as long as the sellers or renters give an affordable price to their potential clients. Mr. Vasilis Milionis added, “Investors can also invest their money on the property now. They can buy a second or used house. They can wait for the right time to sell it back. This simple trick gives investors great revenue.”

The challenging part of investing in the property sector is tight competition. The competition forces property agencies to sell their real estate with a low-interest rate, but still at the low prospect of returns. There is no option for the agencies except doing it to save their business. Fortunately, some agencies do something more creative to keep the price and get a higher prospect of returns. It is based on the data that home sales increase by 25%. This percentage is higher than in the previous period.

Mr. Vassilis Milionis stated, “We need to be more creative due to the condition. Property agencies should find an effective way to attract more potential clients to come and buy a house. It is hard and challenging, but the result is worth it. The property market indeed becomes more volatile today. We have to analyze deeply before taking action. Just make sure that it gives a great impact on the business. If it is not, leave it and find others.”

About Vassilis Milionis:
Vassilis Milionis is a property investor. He develops a company that focuses on building luxury hotels, houses, and villages. He is also a professional entrepreneur who runs several businesses.