Vassilis Milionis Invests in a 16 Million Euros Worth of Property Project

Greek entrepreneur Vassilis Milionis works on several projects around Greece with a total worth of over 16 million euros.

Vassilis Milionis, a famous Greek entrepreneur, is managing a company that is doing several real estate projects all around Greece. These projects are said to have a total worth of more than 16 million euros, with the special “Golden Visa” program.

Mr. Vassilis Milionis, alongside his company Filia Investments LTD, makes investments in a 5-star hotel in Crete, Greece. This 5-star hotel and holiday apartment becomes the new luxury tourism project that is entitled to Filia Estate. This property project is worth around 16 million euros. Vassilis Milionis said that he recently feels intrigued by the luxury tourism sector. He wants to have a project that allows this passion of his to thrive. And as every businessman does their business, he does not think small.

There are several plans that the developers of this project want to incorporate into this property project. They want to build a luxurious hotel with complete facilities that will attract a lot of people. The facilities that are going to be included in the luxurious 5-star hotel are gorgeous dining areas, a wellness center, shops, sports facilities, a children’s club, and beautiful gardens that have large olive groves. Several other facilities are planned for this huge project.

Other than this 5-star luxurious hotel project, Vasilis Milionis also wants to build an additional holiday apartment with 127 residencies. This project includes 90 one-bedroom apartments and 37 two-bedrooms apartments that will range in sizes. There will also be several facilities that the residents can use, such as a private swimming pool. With the facilities that this holiday apartment has to offer, a lot of people will be interested in it.

“Investing in luxury tourism is my passion nowadays. Filia Investments is a very promising sector of luxury tourism in Heraklion City, especially in Avgeniki and Veneratou in Crete, Greece,” said Mr. Vassilis Milionis. He was happy to be able to do what he is currently very passionate about, which is luxury tourism.

According to Vassilis Milionis, those areas are particularly popular when it comes to tourism destinations in Greece. That is why this Greek entrepreneur is setting his goals there. An opening ceremony of Filia development will be held as a way to attract a lot of foreign investors through the “Golden Visa” program. The “Golden Visa” program allows a foreigner to be able to have residency and citizenship if they buy properties with a worth of 250,000 euros or more.

About Vassilis Milionis

Vassilis Milionis is a Greek entrepreneur and businessman who manages a lot of real estate projects. He currently makes investments in a Filia Estate development with the main project in Crete, Greece. The company was once a Private Capital Company that was then developed into the Filia Investment, which is a private real estate development company in Greece. Milionis is the man who manages this company.